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Coming back to the real world after that Easter break isn’t always easy, but Mood NYC have dropped a video to help you get back into your weekly grind (pardon the pun). Filmed and edited by Dan McGrath, ‘booM’ showcases NYC locals from the Mood fam as they surf the east coast sidewalks with almost too much ease.

Mood is a skateboard company based in NYC that brings you accessories and apparel that are as New York as, well, New York. Watch the crew take on some more than risky jumps across the streets of the Big Apple and let yourself be mesmerised by their ridiculous skills. If they can do a flip trick across a street and still dodge oncoming traffic, then you can probably get through a four day week.

Watch the video below and be sure to check out their website and flick through some of the brand’s apparel while you’re at it.


Weekly updates