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Watch: MTV dug up a ‘92 Tupac interview, Donald Trump gets roasted

"There is no way that these people should own planes and then people don't have houses"

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Donald Trump is certainly a hot topic of conversation at the moment—for better or worse (but mainly worse)—with the US presidential election campaigns in full swing. And if you thought a lot of his policies make it feel like we haven’t progressed at all as a community, then you’re probably right. Especially if you watch this vintage interview with legendary rapper Tupac, which was filmed over 20 years ago.

MTV have dug up this classic footage of the animated orator dropping knowledge about the state of the world and particularly the unhealthy trend of excess among the wealthy. Of course, old mate Trump gets a mention, as Pac speaks on the inequality within society which could probably be alleviated if this with too much gave a little to those with nothing. As always, this footage of the late rapper is yet further proof of his foresight and continued relevance, long after his untimely death. Watch the rousing clip above.

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