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If you’re after the ultimate nostalgia trip, you can’t really go past childhood television characters and ’90s rap in one seamless Youtube video. Mash-up whiz Adam Schleichkorn AKA Mylo the Cat has been industrious enough to stitch together a pretty impressive Sesame Street and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony clip, putting the popular puppet characters in place of the rap group members for their classic song ‘Tha Crossroads’. And while he admits “this was, by far, the toughest song choice out of all the mashups I’ve ever created”, ’90s kids will definitely get a kick out of seeing Cookie Monster, Grover, Telly, and Elmo perform Bone Thugs’ iconic track. Check it out above and try not to get lost down the autoplay rabbit hole of mash-up clips.

Weekly updates