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It isn’t all too uncommon to see celebrities try their hand at something completely left of field these days. Bearing witness to this can often be a rather uncomfortable and displeasing experience for most, but you can’t knock the hustle of these A-listers. The latest celebrity to step outside of their comfort zone is none other than Shia LaBeouf. It seems LaBeouf is looking to add to his growing list of talents, after already ticking motivational speaker¬†off the list, appearing in a video freestyling for a bunch of frat boys out in the woods. While it seems LaBeouf is going off top, he does drop some hard-hitting bars and even commends his lyrical ability by proclaiming himself as the ‘best to do this since 2Pac was doing music’. Is Shia about to drop the greatest rap album of all time? Time will tell. In the meanwhile, stay flexin’ young Stanley Yelnats. Stan More Shia LaBeouf

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