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Streaming service Netflix is continuing to kick goals in the arena of at-home entertainment, becoming increasingly revered and respected for their exciting and innovative original programming. And if the trailer for their latest creation The Get Down is anything to go by, they’re on to another winner. The musical drama—created, produced, and directed by Australian filmmaking legend Baz Luhrmann—tells the all-singing, all-dancing story of a group of South Bronx teens in 1970s New York during the birth of hip-hop. Expect disco, bell bottoms and platforms, and adolescent angst aplenty.

The show is set for release this year so you’ll have to wait a little while longer before adding this to your Netflix n Chill itinerary, but knowing Baz’s style (and judging by the rousing trailer), you can already start getting excited about the copious amounts of sequins, glitter, and choreographed dance numbers that are coming your way. You can check out the trailer in the gallery above.

  • Words: Juliet Mentor

Weekly updates