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Yes, it’s true. Weed fell from the sky in Arizona a little earlier and it wasn’t a small amount. In fact, it was $10,000 worth.

That’s a fair amount right? 24 pounds? Well, I know it’s certainly enough to crash through the roof of your family home and crush your pet dog’s vacant kennel in the middle of the night. At least, that’s what happened to one unlucky Arizona Family (or potentially lucky depending on how you view it).

“I went out to investigate, and sure enough, I looked up to see the hole, and then my eyes trailed down and the big dog’s house was destroyed. It made a hole in that hard plastic dog house, and the bundle was inside,” said the matriarch of the family. She contacted the police to come and collect to herb (the $10,000 herb!) and now she’s stressing because she has to fork out $500 to fix the hole in her roof. Silly, silly human.

Apparently police told the family that their house is situated pretty close to the border between the USA and Mexico, so it looks like they dropped the green package from a light aircraft, and much too early.

Jarman Cutrona

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