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Weekly updates

Victoria is moving toward legalising medicinal marijuana, which means only one thing – we are basically going to be Amsterdam before you know it. Back when California had only “medicinal” marijuana laws, I remember walking down Venice Beach and being offered to get “checked” by “doctors” to see if I was “qualified” to use “medicinal” marijuana. Apparently I was extremely “qualified” (but unfortunately not a resident of the Golden State, just the Garden State). And now look, you can just go into dispensaries willy-nilly and buy brownies and lollies and lube and all kinds of different weed-infused products.

The latest craze – weed-infused wine – sounds actually kind of terrible to the tastebuds… but then again, so does most of the wine I drink. Weed-wine connoisseurs note that the drink isn’t supposed to be a shortcut to being drunk-stoned, but brings on it’s own unique effects. But you know how wine-makers can get really sensitive about the environment that you enjoy their product in. So, pretty much, it’s so we can get drunk-stoned quicker. Medical marijuana activist and singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge says, “About 10 minutes after you start sipping, a certain warmth begins to spread,” and also adds that it brings about a feeling of “profound mellowness”. Yep, sounds like drunk-stoned to me.

Can’t wait.

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