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Released in 1983 Wild Style was an eye into the birth of the South Bronx hip hop scene and a door into the world of hip hop culture for young boys and girls. A timeless lo-fi classic Wild Style followed graff artist Lee Quinones as “Zoro” with cameos from Fab 5 Freddy, Grandmaster Flash, Rock Steady Crew and the Cold Crush Brothers, inspiring generations to get their graff/beatbox/dance/MC on around the world .

As it reaches its 30th anniversary, the powers that be have remastered and released Wild Style to hopefully inspire a new generation and give credit where credit’s due. Add in bonus interviews, unseen footage and a booklet and you have yourself a sweet deal on a slice of hip hop history.

Relive the music, the fashion and the glory when Wild Style 30th Anniversary collector’s edition comes out October 15.

Mica Nantes