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Weekly updates

A Chicago teenager must be just about the luckiest person in the world after dodging a bullet in the most bizarre way last Tuesday. 18 year old Chantal Hammontree was catching a lift home with a friend when she was shot in the head through the car’s back windshield. Unbelievably, Hammontree sustained relatively minor injuries, maintaining coherence as she was rushed to hospital. According to her uncle Randy Berry (see video above), Hammontree was shielded from major harm because the bullet first became lodged in her weave, minimising its impact.

“[Doctors] assumed that when the bullet kind of went in, it bounced out because she had the weave in her hair.”

Hammontree’s family speculate that the shooting is related to an earlier gang-related incident targeted at another uncle. In all seriousness, love yourself, go home, hug your family, pat your pets, life is precious.