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10 of the most Prince things you could score from this auction

Life hack: instead of burning your ex-husband's stuff, sell it and become a millionaire

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It’s something of a common occurrence for people to sell their ex-partner’s leftover junk on the internet. Think free lawnmowers put up on GumTree in spite, or entire DVD box-sets sold off on eBay, because it’s just not the same watching them alone. Mayte Garcia has set up her own auction of her ex-husband’s belongings. Hers is, however, on a slightly higher level—what with Prince being her ex-husband and all. That moves the prices up a little bit from a cheeky 20 dollar note to a comfortable $100, 000 margin.

Things get pretty intimate, with love letters and engagement rings, and fans get a look at the private life of Prince in a catalogue like no other. Considering it’s been 16 years since the pair split, it’s fair enough that Mayte is ready to part ways with artefacts from her four year marriage with the musical legend. Five percent of the winning bids are said to go towards Our House LA’s Camp Erin for Grieving Children. Check out our list of proper Prince mementoes below, or see the full auction here.

01. Prince Stage-Used Handcuffs

As used in the performance of ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’ (and probably used elsewhere as well) these 1994 handcuffs are laden with rhinestones, and are actually still in working condition. The performance took place two years before the couple was married.

Starting bid: $10,000

02. Prince Stage-Worn Red Costume

Ahh, the perfect outfit for when you’re feeling that ‘Newpower Soul’ vibe. Yep, this one was on the cover of the album. If you’ve been forever trying to find a long-sleeved ruffled shirt and matching pants in a brilliant bright red, look no further. Aside from a small hole near the waistband of the pants, the whole outfit is in perfect nick. Not to mention the purple glitter, which basically renders it a “must-have.”

Starting bid: $ 20,000

03. 1959 Gibson L-Series Guitar Used by Prince to Compose & Record Early Demo Tracks

If instruments could talk, this guitar would have a lot to say. Used by Prince to sketch out and record demos in the 1970s, this vintage Gibson L-series 6-string acoustic guitar was a long-time favourite of the singer. You’ll see it in many of the early promotional shoots, including a 1977 shot taken at photographer Robert Whitman’s studio.

Starting bid: $60,000

04. Prince Worn Electric Blue Shirt & Pants With Beige Shoes

Worn onstage with Lenny Kravitz for the performance of ‘American Women’, and pictured on the cover of the 1999 album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, this iconic outfit comes with matching electric blue pants and long sleeve shirt, and beige shoes. We can imagine that if you ever were to wear the shoes, you’d cop “What are those?” everywhere you went.

Starting bid: $30,000

05. Prince Worn White Scarf

For those of you who actually might be considering buying something, we suggest you go for the more thrifty option. This acrylic scarf was made in Italy by Saldarini  and we could potentially cop this gem ourselves, if we stopped paying rent for a few weeks at least. Tell your landlord you’re doing it for Prince, and we’re sure they’ll understand your nobel cause.

Starting bid: $1000

06. Amazing, One-of-a-Kind 1978 Cassette Tape Containing Six Early Songs by Prince

This one is an artefact of several counts. Firstly, we are dealing with cassette tapes which is a throwback and a half. Then factor in the early version of ‘Sometimes it Snows in April’ and the insight into his creative process and we have ourselves a winner. Think Kendricks’ untitled, unmastered, but if it was done 30 years ago. These bad boys are genuine historic relics, featuring six songs by Prince. If you can hack the price of them, then your only struggle will be trying to find something to play them in (that hopefully doesn’t gobble up the tape).

Starting bid: $20,000

07. Prince Worn Turquoise 3-Piece Outfit

Prince’s signature outfit in his favourite style, and worn during his press conference in 1998 in Spain, this set contains matching pants, shirt and a scarf. In a stunning turquoise, the future owner of this set better not just let it sit on display cause this bad boy deserves to be flaunted. Seriously, check out those ruffles. Those are some nice ruffles.

Starting bid: $30,000

08. Prince Diamond Engagement Ring & Handwritten Marriage Proposal to Mayte Garcia

This one does pull on the heart strings a bit, so brace yourself. It’s the diamond engagement ring that Prince proposed to Mayte with, including the five handwritten heart notes that lead her on a romantic journey to the ring. As the most expensive item in the auction, the diamond is approximately 2.2 karats, with twisted shoulders lined with more diamonds, set in gold. A heartbreaking story, but the heart-shaped notes are still in perfect form. I wish I could say we were too after reading that, but damn. Heavy stuff.

Staring bid: $100,000

09. Prince Worn Diamond & Amethyst Pin

One of the more lowkey pieces in the set, this Love Symbol pin is made up of 12 diamonds and a large amethyst set in real gold. Another one of a kind, this one will spice up any old outfit.

Biding price: $10,000

010. Prince's Bride's Wedding Dress Ensemble

This one sort of speaks for itself, being a wedding dress and all. Put together by his costume maker Bonnie Flesland, the drop-waist gown comes with a beaded pearl neckline. Prince’s cream-coloured wrap is probably the highlight, and just to cap it off it comes with a photo of the couple. Hopefully the outfits aren’t cursed or anything, because we think it would actually be pretty sweet to rock this at your own wedding. Or, in the case of the robe, that could just be for lazy days at home, or even trips to the grocery store.

Starting bid: $25,000