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10 of the most surreal moments from FKA twigs

Let the bday celebrations continue

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Tahliah Barnett, AKA our girl FKA twigs, turned 29 yesterday. She’s been relatively quiet over the past year, but there’s no denying that the musician, director and dancer has achieved a captivated audience around the globe, mostly due to her compelling obscurity and a preternatural narrative. “I want people to see what’s inside my head rather than just looking at me,” twigs once said. I think this still rings true; twigs, the ever-elusive, anti-performer has continuously shown us what’s inside her head and, in doing so, has changed the way we think about performance art. With every new video and collaboration, we’re invited into a new artistic vision; a transcendental, dream-like haze that is pure and honest twigs.

It was hard to decipher her defining moments, considering that everything she touches turns to gold, but I’ve picked out 10 of the arguably most surreal and important moments from twigs. Check them out in the gallery above. Prepare to be in awe of her, as per usual. What could possibly be in store next for twigs? I mean, who could possibly know? Either way, I’m excited. Happy birthday Tahliah.

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