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10 of the most Thugger looks from Young Thug

Be our bestfriend Young Thug

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Happy Birthday Jeffery! One of our favourite rapper/stoners/style trailblazer, Young Thug, is celebrating his 25th birthday and to honour the Thugger, we bring you flicks of some of his greatest outfits. Besides turn-up tunes, Young Thug is known for his idgaf attitude when it comes to fashion, often opting to wear women’s clothes, and carrying himself with the same confident braggadocio at all times. He even modelled for Calvin Klein in looks from the women’s line, and said he didn’t believe in gender in material from their latest campaign. The rapper pushes the boundaries around what is expected of men in the often hyper-masculine hip-hop game and is definitely blowing the ideal image of a popular rapper wide open.

So happy birthday Young Thug, keep being you, man.

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