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10 Times WEDIDIT, Have Done It

Celebrating a decade of our favourite DIY collective

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WEDIDIT is one of the most powerful collectives in underground music today. Championed by producers like Shlohmo and D33J, their obscure, unique sounds have played a part in shaping the sound of mainstream hip-hop and R&B. Artists like Jeremih, Tory Lanez and Lil Yachty all have elements in their music that derive from the WEDIDIT camp. With innovative mindsets and a future-forward aesthetic, it’s hard to believe that this collective has now been around for 10-years.

In celebration of their 10th-anniversary party last Friday in LA, we’ve made this list of some of our favourite WEDIDIT releases below. 

01. Shlohmo - Dark Red (2014)


Shlohmo’s Dark Red is still some of his most cinematic music to date. Each synth funnels into an abyss of melancholy, with the detuned, reverberated sounds premeditating the end of the world. Songs like ‘Buried’ incorporate dense, distorted guitar work, while others like ‘Apathy’ focus more on creating a synth orchestra of grief. While Dark Red isn’t as luscious or as heavenly as previous works such as Shlohmoshun, it shows Shlohmo’s versatility and ability to make something sad sound beautiful.

02. Groundislava - Groundislava (2011)


Groundislava’s debut self-titled LP represents him in a nutshell. Wonky lo-fi synths, sub-heavy guttural bass-lines, boom-bap drum patterns and a drizzle of the Groundislava sauce make it a bonafide classic. Songs like ‘Shlava’ pair Groundislava’s obscure sounds in collaboration with Shlohmo’s production and Jonwayne’s rapping, while others like ‘Young Lava’ act as his nostalgic brainchildren. It’s a weird release, but it’s one that puts Groundislava in a league of his own.

03. Corbin - Mourn (2017)


Corbin’s Mourn is his magnum opus after years of internet silence. He dropped the Spooky Black moniker and went into hiding as his internet virality slowly slipped away. Mourn is more than a reminder that Corbin is still here, but a testament to the artistry that’s been developing over the past years. His voice is grimier than it is heavenly, with cigarette-croaks and black-metal inspired screams making up most of his vocal range. Shlohmo and D33J handle the entirety of the production, with flurrying synths and a cloudy, melancholic tone driving this album into the wilderness. Mourn sounds like a man alone in the woods, bellowing at the surrounding mountains. It’s ambitious, and it’s beautiful.

04. Tory Lanez - Cruel Intentions (2015)


Cruel Intentions is still some of Tory Lanez’ best work to date. With production handled by Shlohmo, Baauer, D33J, RL Grime, and Play Picasso, Tory flourishes over dense, atmospheric hip-hop beats. Songs like ‘In For it’ find Tory rapping over menacing 808s, while others such as ‘Acting Like’ find him in falsetto over heavenly synth pads. Cruel Intentions not only showed Tory Lanez’ versatility as a vocalist but the WEDIDIT Collective’s influence on the sounds of the mainstream today.

05. RL Grime - Void (2014)


RL Grime’s sound is like the score to a blockbuster movie. His debut album VOID is tightly packed with huge, walls of synths that drop down into an oblivion of bass. Colossal drum patterns and horns all sound like they could belong in a Star Wars movie, or a jam-packed rave. It’s EDM in epic proportions.

06. Swan Lingo - Wonder What (2018)


Swan Lingo is not your average rapper. His voice culminates in an airy sing or hum, kind of like Kid Cudi or ILoveMakonnen in a shoegaze band. His debut LP Wonder What is all about life, love and feelings, with production from Craft Spells, D33J, Groundislava, Shlohmo, and himself. It’s a reverb-soaked dive into the mind of Lingo, ranging from incredibly personal and sad, to downright funky.

07. D33J - Death Valley Oasis (2017)


Death Valley Oasis is a testament to D33J’s versatility. The album ranges from fast, spacey dance tracks like ‘Wisp’ with Baths, to melancholic, isolated ballads like ‘Rot’ with Corbin and Shlohmo. D33J’s incorporation of genres like EDM, trap and acoustic all come together in a beautiful coexistence, making sounds that usually don’t mesh come together in the form of a cohesive album. If Death Valley Oasis is a mission statement, it proves that D33J is on a voyage to do anything and everything.

08. Purple - Silence & Remorse (2015)


Silence & Remorse is a dark, warped journey. Purple’s voice on songs like ‘Extinction’ and ‘Never Come Back’ is both luscious and haunting, floating over eerie, Twilight Zone-esque synth patterns. Purple’s off-kilter brand of R&B on this album may be off-putting at first, but the more you delve in, the more enthralled you become. It’s ambitious, it’s anomalous and it’s still a standout in the WEDIDIT catalogue.

09. Falls - I Went To The Woods (2017)


Falls’ I Went To The Woods is the perfect soundtrack for the wilderness. It’s an ambient, borderline ASMR project filled with faint key sounds and the music of mother nature. It’s a beautiful release that’ll take you from your room into the world of the woods, as each sound that Falls incorporates feels like a blast of  smog-free country air.

010. WEDIDIT - Juice Jackal Remixes (2018)


In celebration of WEDIDIT’s 10th anniversary, the boys got together and each created a remix for songs off of Juice Jackal’s Juiced EP. Shlohmo and Groundislava each provided respective remixes of the song ‘Looney Toon’, D33J covered ‘Nightmare’, and Purple remixed ‘God’. Each version showcases the sounds and aesthetics of each producer, all while Juice Jackal’s indie-rock flare still manages to stand out in the mix. It’s a fun, catchy release that embodies everything we’ve grown to love about the WEDIDIT camp.