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New music from Alewya, Babyface Mal, Mason Dane, Vayne and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Alewya - Zuggy

Alewya’s ‘Zuggy’ excels standing on the middle ground between club-ready dance and otherworldly psychedelic music. A four-to-the-floor and thumping bass line command the low-end, while synth flurries and a reverberated guitar passage take the track into euphoria. Atop the instrumental, the London artist is reminiscent of a rave emcee, assembling the atmosphere of a party. It appears on her new EP Panther in Mode, which you can stream now. 

02. Nooky - Line Em Up ft. Savage, Marty Bugatti

‘Line Em Up’ is a hard-hitting barrage of blockbuster proportions. Nooky, Savage, and Marty Bugatti all bring high-octane performances, mixing triplet flows and stern deliveries in a manner that’s both elegant and seemingly effortless. These bars are propelled by a subwoofer-ready beat from 10A, which thrives with its rattling hi-hats and heavy sub-bass.

03. Normani - Wildside ft. Cardi B (KAYTRANADA remix)

Normani and Cardi B’s hit single has received a fresh coat of paint in the form of a KAYTRANADA remix. The vocals are still rich with attitude and swagger, but replacing the original’s classic R&B feel is an orchestra of vintage-sounding synths that swirl over percussion-heavy drum patterns. It’s a banger, with no boundaries.

04. Giggs - Differences ft. Rowdy Rebel

This is a fantasy UK x US link-up. Giggs and Rowdy Rebel are like Starsky & Hutch, crashing with their vehicle of back and forth, braggadocious bars. The beat, produced by JordanProdIt and Ellis Lost, pairs fluttering, eerie keys with hard-hitting bellowing 808s, creating a KO punch of trap energy. 

05. Babyface Mal - Daughters & Sons

Babyface Mal continues the consistency this year with ‘Daughters & Sons’, where his superpower is pandemonium. The earthquake-like 808s are contrasted by an alarm-like synth and bounced back and forth by scattered percussion. But this ain’t no disaster, as Babyface’s ember-filled flows and poised delivery controls the chaos, and crushes with catchiness.

06. Vayne - Doors Go Up

Vayne continues to finesse her flexes with ‘Doors Go Up’. This single finds the NZ rapper atop atmospheric production that flutters with synths but hits with bouncy drum patterns. Vocally, she speaks of the lavish life with swagger-rich, autotuned flows. 

07. Young T & Bugsey - Roberto C

‘Roberto C’ has Song-of-the-Summer written all over it. Over vibrant production, this super trio thrives, with each artist implementing their unique sounds. Young T & Bugsey are ear-catching in their melodic flows, while Unknown T commands the beat with his deep, baritone voice. It’s a juxtaposition that’s bound to get any crowd jumping.

08. Nardean - WESTSIDE

Nardean’s ‘WESTSIDE’ is esplanade music. It encapsulates the feeling of a beach breeze, with its summer-soaked guitar and groove-filled bassline. Nardean takes the track to reminisce via smooth raps and soulful melodies, looking back at the good times, and using it to fuel her future journeys.

09. Mason Dane - Stay Down

It’s no surprise that T-Pain wants to sign Mason Dane to Nappy Boy Records because this latest joint is the shit! It finds the Sydney rapper utilising his versatility, pairing radio-ready rap verses and fiery, motivated rap verses like its second nature. With every release, it becomes clearer that Mason Dane is a major prospect in the Australian rap scene.

010. Soma - Trust

‘Trust’ is about shedding your old skin and the clarity experienced after getting over a toxic relationship. Over arena-ready production from Korky Buchek, SOMA revels in this revitalisation, with vocals that soar with earnest passion. It’s an ode to self-growth, and the voyage needed to reach the summit of contentment.