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Sydney hip-hop duo Spit Syndicate (Nick Lupi and Jimmy Nice) have just dropped the sunny music video for their single ‘Know Better’ and they’re about to head on a national tour in support of it in a couple of months – it goes without saying that the dudes are about to get really busy. And after 10 years in the game, there’s probably nothing that will surprise the seasoned vets when it comes to the music biz or tour life. So we asked Nick and Jimmy to spare a few minutes to impart some of their wisdom on us and share the most important things they’ve learned from their established career so far.

Check out their Top 5 and music video for ‘Know Better’ below.

01. You must make sacrifices to the tour gods

We’re not particularly religious, but we learnt early on that sacrifices must be made to the tour gods. We’ve toured quite heavily over the years and have thus sacrificed many thousands of our possessions (clothing, phone chargers, dignity) to please the touring deities. Do not get attached to anything you take with you on tour.

02. Obtain free shit at all costs

It’s no secret that making music is a shit way to earn a living; in fact, the matey washing windscreens on Botany Rd probably has more super popping than we ever will. But you can leverage your perceived influence in exchange for free shit: meals, clothing, accessories, whatever. Sure, a new shirt won’t pay the bills, but it will make a perfect sacrifice to the tour gods at some point.

03. Rap about stuff and thou shalt receive it

Over the years, we’ve found that rapping about stuff can often result in fans gifting you with that very stuff, so you can sample the local product from whichever town you’re in. We like to sample local product because we believe in supporting small businesses, in both white and black markets. BTW if you’re ever in ADL, hit up Tony. DM us for his wickr.

04. Geocache your dangerous items

Sometimes on tour you will stumble upon items you’re not allowed to fly with, like sharp objects or spare batteries. Instead of throwing them in the bin, stash these items in a safe space (buried in a park, wedged behind painting in hotel corridor) and share the co-ordinates with your friends in bands, so that they too can enjoy said items when they are touring that city. Shout out Jackie Onassis for that one, pioneers of the on-tour geocache.

05. Do you

Perhaps the most important thing we’ve learnt: do you, fam. Ignore negative external influences, celebrate what makes you unique, and let your personality shine through in all your creative endeavours. Unless, of course, you’re a boring cunt, in which case, save yourself the hassle.