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50 Cent’s unfiltered Instagram antics grow pettier by the day, picking fights with everyone from Joe Budden to Busta Rhymes. The latest target of his tyranny is Ja Rule, who 50’s been beefing with for over a decade now. This time, instead of ‘Get The Strap’ hashtags, 50’s decided to buy 200 tickets to a Ja Rule show—just so all the seats would be empty.

There were no curse words on 50’s IG this time, just psychological chess moves and ego diminishing actions. In a post shared earlier this week, the rapper reveals he found the tickets on discount shopping site Groupon. “Lol at $15 a pop you can’t lose, I got 200 tickets for 3 bands,” he bragged. Ja Rule has since responded with a series of shots on Instagram, joking about 50 Cent’s appearance—among other offensive things.

50 Cent and Ja Rule’s feud started in 1999, when 50 Cent’s friend allegedly robbed Ja Rule for some jewellery. Ever since then it’s been a back and forth, with fights going down and diss records coming out. Classic songs like 50 Cent’s ‘Wanksta’ stem from his problems with Ja Rule, and every time Ja Rule has slipped up (e.g. Fyre Festival), 50 Cent has been there to clown him.

While there haven’t been any updates on how the show went, we did find an expired groupon offer for a Ja Rule concert in New York that was, you guessed it, $15. Peep 50 Cent’s IG post below.

Weekly updates