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Weekly updates

Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Ensemble (ESESE), in addition to being a mouthful of a name, is a collective of Melbourne rappers, vocalists, producers, musicians and videographers. This, right here, is their first single, ‘AINTNO’. Here you can catch rapper Hancoq’s verses, heated up by the summer sun, coating the track’s taut groove (courtesy of Hudson James Jr.) like a viscous goo. Oh yeah, and did we mention that Hancoq delivers his lines from a rowboat drifting down the Yarra River? This one’s summer as fuck, and, if it soundtracks the inside of your head for the rest of the season, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Keep an eye out for further releases from the ESESE collective, which also includes the unstoppable Baro. This video is directed by Hancoq himself, who also shot Baro’s ‘Cigarettes’ and ‘Traveling Through Time’ videos.

Find more of ESESE on their website.