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Last time we touched base with villainous Melbourne rapper Ivan Ooze, he was dialling us from the comfort of a hospital bed nursing a groggy noggin after a skating slip (read more about that here). During that conversation, he told me he was ruminating on the concept of an Ivan Ooze trap album. I don’t know if he was faded from the morphine drip or had a ward mattress epiphany, but his latest tune is the chillest albeit untrappiest rap beat I’ve heard in a while and it’s a heavy-hitting contender for my favourite Ooze track yet.

Ivan’s said before that his teenage introduction to Hendrix is the reason he may have been caught lighting one up at school (legend) and has dedicated this song to the evening chillers getting ready for that moment when “your mind becomes so clear”. I couldn’t help but think of the opening track of his Ringwood Rich EP where he referenced Woodstock (Illest Uzi likes his ’70s psychedelia, believe that). I know Ivan is more at home with the aggressive elements of his flow, but I’d throw pineapple-hue bank notes straight at the screen if he dropped a whole album of turnt down tunes like this- it just works too damn well.

But hey, as much as I value my own opinion, I might not know what’s best for him. After all, it’s his regular style that’s got the attention of rap alumni Ice Cube and Cypress Hill and on average they pull in more household name recognition points than I do. Ivan’s yet to drop specific dates for his solo tour or put out his imminent mixtape The Social Alien, but I’m sure if you’re hooked on this tune, you’ll find the time to turn up to both no matter when they happen. Listen to it below!

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