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It’s not long now before Altruism, his next EP, drops and Melbourne slow-jam scholar Oscar Key Sung is so deeply confident in the power and malleability of his own music, he doesn’t even need another artist to remix it for him. We managed to grab the exclusive edit of debut single ‘Premonition’ off him and it’s such a nice rework, we’re dreaming of a full remix album of every track off his new release.

The remix strips the consistent thudding beat from the original track and places slight variations of the instrumentation and vocal loops. The end result, while still closely resembling the straight version, feels more like an R&B track than before. In a lot of ways, we kind of like it even more. If you need a comparison, check ‘Premonition’ in the gallery above and the remix right below. No word yet on the exact release date of Altruism, but if its all of this calibre, I’m sure we’ll be letting you know when it’s out. Oh, and if you want to download it, click the teeny little shopping cart in the embed below (you came, we delivered).

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