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When we spoke to Catlips in early March, she’d just dropped her EP entitled Casual with the catchy lead single ‘Fade’. The track sports a glitchy synth melody that kind of sounds like a malfunctioning oil column heater getting its groove on and now, the song has disconcertingly appliance-centric visuals to match. The whole clip is reminiscent of the time I was trapped in a room made entirely of marble slabs and a bunch of wiggling, vibrantly dressed strangers started making out. But don’t take my word for it, peep it above to see for yourself and read below to find out what the lady of lipped felines has been up to since the EP came out.

How have things been since the EP launch?
I’ve certainly been a little less stressed! Things have been pretty great though and I’ve started making new tracks and been brainstorming for new things as well as playing a couple of really great DJ sets that have helped with the creativity flow.

Besides the fact that there’s a swimming pool on the album cover, why choose to launch your EP as a pool party?
To be honest I just wanted to do something interesting for the launch, there are pretty limited venues in Perth these days, especially ones that encourage a really party atmosphere. So I had to research into something fun and exciting and found a few videos of the pool venue. After that, I was hooked on the idea.

How’d the Boiler Room set in Perth go?
It was super fun! One of the loosest gigs I’ve played for sure, the crowd was really supportive due to the reputation of Boiler Room so the atmosphere was great. It was a really good opportunity to expose my original tunes.

Is there any meaning behind the name Catlips? I know it’s from an old photoblog username, but did it come from anywhere before that?
Unfortunately, it’s the least meaningful name ever. There is literally no story to it other than smooshing words together.

What informed your choice of visuals for the album and clip?
Basically just a combination of things I like aesthetically including artists, magazines, blogs, instagrams, etc.. such as Pilar Zeta, Dom Sebastian, Pitch Zine, Toiletpaper and Print All Over Me. The EP was designed by Yoko Honda, one of my favourite artists, and the clip was also directed by Chela so she had a huge visual influence over that too.

You use so many bright colours and textures in your material. Do you have a favourite colour and pattern?
Blue and pink always seem to come back to me when i’m designing things but I feel like my favourites are always changing. As for patterns, I really enjoy silky, trippy textures.

You’ve previously cited Toiletpaper Magazine as a visual influence. Those guys recently expanded into homewares and other objects that are reminiscent of their aesthetic approach. Ever see yourself expanding into some kind of artistic entrepreneurialism?
Sure. Maybe not anything to do with the Catlips project, but it’s definitely something i’m into. All forms of design excite me and collaborating with people who are specialists in those areas would also be a great experience.

Your style choices can be very unusual. What to you is good style?
Mainly just being authentic and confident with what you project as your style. Also taking inspiration from various things you think are amazing but also reflect you.

Henry Gillett recently remixed ‘Kanimbla’. What’s it like hearing your material reinterpreted by other people?
It’s one of the best things about making music. Working with other people is the most rewarding and exciting experience as it combines your musical ideas and shows how different people interpret your ideas.

What are some good spots to check out in Perth? (night life, shopping, music etc.)
For nightlife, I’d recommend Connections when there is a good DJ playing, a house party,  or The Bird for a drink and dance. For shopping, I’d probably just stick to your laptop and in terms of music, you should definitely check out the Good Company record store for a great boutique selection of records, books and socks.

How was DJing in Istanbul?
Ridiculous. It was the most random and exciting hook up for a show I’ve ever had yet it was so reassuring to know the language of music can actually bring people together where ever you are and to have people dancing and being responsive in a totally unknown city is a great way to meet people and get to know a place.

What’s been your weirdest gig so far?
Probably one last week with my band Kucka – [there was an] enormous stage with some people in the crowd sitting, some standing and some doing interpretive dancing as well as extreme blue light disco vibes.

What’s next for Catlips?
First up some over-east shows then more producing, more collaborating and more creating!

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