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Weekly updates

After taking to the field with Arabian Prince and James Pants, we’re now at third base in our partnership with the Red Bull Music Academy presents series, which will see UK artist Mo Kolours performing in Australia for the first time. Mo Kolours is a percussionist and vocalist, so expect to be serenaded into something hot and heavy at both the Good God Small Club and Revolver Bandroom shows.

On support duties in Melbourne, we have some of my personal favourites:

Adelaide-based beatsmith, also beardsmith. He’s on the Hand Games roster, just went on tour with Oliver Tank, and played at Splendour In The Grass. You should already know though. (Oisima will also be supporting Mo Kolours for the Sydney show.)

Resident computer genius from Melbourne collective This Thing, Galapagoose literally developed his own software (MLRV) to play his music. Yes, his own software!

Co-host of Breaking and Entering on 3RRR and also the proud owner of the most symmetrical haircut in Melbourne. Bless his lush locks and incredible DJ skills.

Your inhouse boy from Revolver’s Late Show will dropping the bass man, even better than Letterman and that is a FACT.

The Sydney leg will feature a performance from experimental mainstay, Thomas William and DJ Prize. Both parties will be recorded and broadcast on RBMA Radio and what’s that? Oh yep, right. They’re FREE (on the condition that you RSVP, which you can do HERE)

Ah, #TYRBG. (Thank you Red Bull God.)


Goodgod Small Club, Sydney – Thursday September 5, 8pm
Mo Kolours (UK) + Oisima (Live) + Thomas William (Live) + DJ Prize

Revolver Bandroom, Melbourne – Saturday September 7, 10pmMo Kolours (UK) + Oisima (Live) + Galapagoose (Live) & DJs Ransom & Simon Winkler