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While out in Alaska shooting for the new season of his web-series ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious‘, it has been reported that Queen’s rapper Action Bronson has had to make an unprecedented visit to the hospital. Last night, Bronsolino posted a photo to Instagram bed bound, accompanied by the caption ‘Well this Alaska trip turned into me having emergency surgery’. While details were scarce at the time, it was assumed that Bronson’s eating patterns were the cause of his emergency visit, as only days prior he was munching on Bowhead whale, Beluga whale blubber, and raw caribou meat.

However, Bronson’s publicist has recently spoken on the matter, releasing a statement saying that “the emergency surgery was due to complications from ongoing hernia issues from Bronson’s powerlifting days. He’s doing great and is in good spirits.”

We wish Action Bronson a speed recovery.

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