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And just when you thought twerking had its 15 minutes of fame, design-led headphone company AIAIAI are teaming up with Branko, Owow and Twerk Queen Louise to launch Real Booty Music – a collaborative project designed to “change the perception of twerking through placing it in a technology-driven, creative context and letting the dance ‘do the talking'”.

The idea was to let Portuguese music producer Branko create a new track using the movements of the dancer, letting her affect the creative process of the music production. In short – they made music using Twerk Queen Louise’s butt movements. It’s like reverse dancing.

“The Booty Drum is a device that records movement through accelerometers attached to the dancer’s booty. These movements translate into a lot of unique velocities and directions of movement. The movements, which are being mapped into unique MIDI values through Arduino hardware and processing software, can in this way be used to trigger samples and create sounds in Ableton. As every single movement sends out a unique set of values, the dancer is able to play around with sounds.”

The result track is called ‘Cascavel’, which is Portuguese for rattlesnake.

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