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And just like that, Hodgy and Tyler are mates again

"Tyler told me to stop being a bitch"

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If yesterday’s social media rant was anything to go by, Hodgy Beats was done with fellow Odd Future member Tyler, the Creator. Everyone was expecting Tyler to respond, as he normally does, but he was uncharacteristically quiet about the whole situation. But, as most bros do, the pair have kissed and made up and it seems as though everything is gravy in Camp Flog Gnaw once more.

Hodgy posted video on his Instagram, showing the pair back to their goofy best, despite the caption reading “Fuck you Tyler”, and his first line being “Tyler told me to stop being a bitch. And I said alright.”

Hodgy had previously called Tyler a fraud and was obviously dissatisfied with how things were being run in the Odd Future camp. He expressed his views during his live set at the weekend’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival, as well as via social media afterwards.

Long live Golf Wang. Watch the bromance re-ignite below.

Fuck you Tyler

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