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U2 is well-known for their immense amount of charity work, from Live 8 to Make Poverty History, the guys have done a lot for charities across the world. They recently started up a new charity though, aimed at poor Apple users who can’t afford any music on their iPods. Whereas my mum and dad probably loved the cool new addition to their music library, I wasn’t so appreciative of the subsequent molestation of my music library. Therefore I’d like to remove all evidence that it ever happened, before I get permanent mental and emotional scarring.

Luckily, Apple heard the pained cries from millions of people below the age of 40 around the world and have responded with a one-click U2 removal system so that you can rid your iPod of Songs of Innocence and replace it with Kanye or Beyonce or One Direction or whatever the hell you’re into.

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