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Club Guide: 5 Parties You Need to Check Out Across Australia and New Zealand in 2024

If you’re looking to tap into a unique dancefloor experience where the DJs know exactly what to spin, look no further. We’ve gathered a list of five of the best parties from AU/NZ that are defined by their commitment to community, creativity, and excellent vibes.

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The past few post-pandemic years have been all about reviving Australia’s once-thriving entertainment and live music scene. Now, as 2024 rolls on, the traditional clubbing landscape is shifting, evolving into events that cater to niche subcultures across the country. This change is driven by individuals and collectives stepping up to fill the gaps they see in their own communities, creating spaces where people can party freely and authentically. Join us as we dive into some of the best underground parties and club nights across Australia and New Zealand, celebrating the vibrant and diverse events that are redefining the nightlife scene.

01. Soulmate (SYD)

Uniting individuals through the mutual language of music is at the heart of Soulmate. Inspired by the world-renowned Soulection label and its signature sound championed by Joe Kay, Soulmate founders Jphoebz and Capital Zee wanted to bring that sonic experience to Sydney. Attendance has grown rapidly since the first Soulmate party in June 2023, a testament to the liberating atmosphere fostered by the creators.

Currently operating out of Sydney’s The Argyle, Soulmate has become a hub for connecting people through the sounds of classic R&B, rediscovered gems, and visionary edits. Esteemed selectors such as DJ Talisha and Jazmine Nikitta are regularly enlisted to curate the night’s energy with cutting-edge sets, introducing global sounds ranging from UK Garage to Baile Funk, Amapiano, and beyond. Soulmate is perfect for those seeking genuine moments soundtracked by music that makes you sway your hips. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back evening sipping drinks or want to be immersed in the sounds by the deck, if you find yourself in Sydney on a Sunday, Soulmate has your dose of melodic dopamine.

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02. Refuge (BNE)

Acknowledging the absence of a club environment that catered to a niche community within dance and electronic music, Refuge saw an opportunity to create one. Fuelled by the need for a consistent, locally-oriented space, the founders of Echo & Bounce—Ralph, Joseph Power, Jode Brazier, Nadeem Eshraghi, along with recent contributor Holly O’Neill—designed Refuge in 2021. Operating out of the Echo & Bounce basement in Woolloongabba, Meanjin, the event aims to provide both emerging and established local artists with a judgment-free platform to experiment with and share their sound. Each week, Refuge attracts a broad spectrum of community members and artists, highlighting various and often unheard perspectives while cultivating a unique experience. Prepare to be met with creative endeavours traversing landscapes of art, including performance, music, and installation.

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03. Venus Eventz (PER)

Highlighting the best of global sounds is Venus Eventz. Curated by founders Kimboclat, Shambizzle, and Ashlyn Kaur, Venus is all about community, inclusivity, and celebrating the best of women DJs. Emerging in 2021 in Boorloo, Venus is where individuals from all over come together to reject fear and dance to some of the best global sounds. You can find yourself immersed in Baile Funk, Jersey, Amapiano, House, and Dancehall at Venus. The diverse array of selectors ensures that no two events provide the same experience. It’s a space where the music guides you, where stiff hips inevitably become liquid, surrounded by a like-minded community with a love for the beats of the world. International acts such as Tera Kora, Bambii, and S!rene have been hosted by Venus, bridging the gap between Perth and the global scene, surpassing geographical boundaries to prioritise an appreciation for good music.

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04. Kinah Studios (CBR)

Kinah Studios curates a space of unconfined expression at the intersection of music, art, and fashion. Pushing new and innovative sounds, Kinah takes you through a sonic journey of different genres and blends. Since July 2022, the Canberra-based party, formed by Karani, Shekinah, and Rinzler, has succeeded in connecting individuals from diverse cultures and identities. Kinah, as a collective, is a vessel of innovative expression, pushing the boundaries for creators and visionaries to explore and share without limitation. From the promotion of their events through visual shorts to the edgy event flyers, Kinah is more than just a party; there are levels to the artistic input. The motive of Kinah Studios is to “expect the unexpected,” reflected in their versatile selection of DJs who feature a mix of obscure sounds and essential picks. Alongside local selectors, Kinah has also presented international acts, making their events a truly unparalleled experience.

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Expanding the horizons of nightlife while centring the queer scene in Aotearoa is Filth. More than just a party, Filth is a movement. The culture that has manifested surrounding it transcends words and is best understood through experience. Emerging from the visions of Half Queen and Jess B, Filth is a grassroots space that prioritises the QTBIPOC community in Auckland, pushing for safer experiences. It is an environment where queer POCs, in particular, can revel in the euphoria of a night out surrounded by kindred souls. Filth serves as a space for individuals to establish connections, nourished by exhilarating sounds, free from the confines of genre. It seeks to platform underrepresented talent through its events, contributing significantly to localised efforts to enhance the exposure of emerging artists to new audiences. What makes Filth so notable is the distinct fusion of queer rap, fashion, and cultural influences that the founders have captured. For the non-conformists and the unapologetically audacious who just want to have a good time, Filth is your vessel for liberation.

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