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Featuring: Drake, A$AP Rocky, Rejjie Snow, Anfa Rose, and more

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Weekly updates

Bars is Acclaim’s weekly wrap up of all the music we want you to get in on. Whether it’s new albums, mixtapes, tracks, or videos, we’re here wading through the noise to bring you only the finest happenings in the world of music.

01. Drake – 'Scary Hours'


Drake dropped two new singles in the form of Scary Hours, proving how terrifyingly intense his work ethic is. Consisting of ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Diplomatic Immunity’, Drake tackles his usual topics of success, love, loyalty, and his future plans all over the dense bass heavy production of Boi-1da and Cardo. Scary Hours isn’t a change in style for Drake—more an ode to his consistency. Proving why he’s still one of the hottest in the game.

02. A$AP Rocky – '5ive $tar$'


After an almost-three-year hiatus from his solo career, A$AP Rocky is back with his new single ‘5ive $tar$’, with his third studio album Testing slated to drop any day now. The single is a departure from the vast, psychedelic production of A.L.L.A, and finds Rocky instead lazily riding over a lo-fi trap beat laced with the deepest of sub bass. It’s simple, but sweet, as Rocky enters a Carti-esque pocket, flexing, and ad libbing his way throughout the track. It isn’t what you expect from a lead single, but it definitely has us in anticipation of what Rocky has to come.

03. Anfa Rose – 'Drunk'


Anfa Rose’s enigmatic sound continues to evolve with ‘Drunk’, as he delves deeper into the realms of somber-soaked alt-R&B. Laced with atmospheric synths and dark, ominous bass tones, Anfa’s autotuned bars and harmonies sing hymns of drunk love, reminiscent of artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, but written in a way that’s completely unique. With his new project She Been Waiting II dropping this week, look out for more late-night, love tunes from one of Australia’s best up and comers right now.

04. Rejjie Snow – 'Egyptian Luvr' (ft. Amine & Dana Williams)


2018 is shaping up to be Rejjie Snow’s big year and ‘Egyptian Luvr’ solidifies that. Featuring Amine & Dana Williams, Rejjie tells a story of longing for lost love over an airy but driving Kaytranada beat (making sorrow sound so damn danceable). With his long awaited, highly anticipated debut album Dear Annie slated to arrive next month, the soulful, but sad sounds of ‘Egyptian Luvr’ set the tone for the depth, and versatility we can expect from the album. And as we eagerly await, there’s no denying that Rejjie Snow is ice cold.

05. Billy Davis ft. Denzel Curry - Goldfish (ft. Denzel Curry)


Billy Davis is shaping up to be one of Melbourne’s most exciting producers. With his band The Good Manners, Billy is making some of the funkiest neo-soul in Australia. ‘Goldfish’ is perfect house party music, with its smoothness and style making it impossible to not dance to. Coming off a big year in 2017 with his debut album A Family Portrait and heading into 2018 with a slew of tour dates, Billy Davis’ continues to prove himself as one of the most creative artists out right now; a trait that’ll culminate into inevitable stardom.

06. Leven Kali – 'Do U Wrong' (Ft. Syd)

Leven Kali’s ‘Do U Wrong’ is a continuation of his ability to mix the sounds of neo-soul and funk with the traditional parts of west coast hip-hop. Featuring Syd, this duet is smooth, sexy and finds both artists excelling in their respective pockets. Syd brings the R&B spice with her faint, soulful voice, while Kali’s flows sit somewhere between Anderson Paak and Goldlink, except with a stern West Coast grit. Produced by Vince Staples collaborator Zack Sekoff, the song makes its way through sleek, vintage chords and mid-paced, banging drums, along with basslines from Parliament Funkadelic’s Ricky Rouse. If you like your hip-hop smooth, and soulful, look no further than Leven Kali.

07. Tinashe – 'No Drama' (ft. Offset)

Tinashe is back with ‘No Drama’, an undeniable banger that finds her trading attitude-filled verses with none other than Offset. Tinashe’s voice comes across stern and aggressive as she sings alongside Offset’s signature triplet flows and commands the club-ready instrumental courtesy of Stargate. It looks like after a somewhat chilled 2017 Tinashe is ready to take back control in 2018.

08. Tommy Cash – 'Pussy Money Weed'


Tommy Cash isn’t your traditional emcee. The Estonian rapper’s new cut ‘Pussy Money Weed’ delves into depths of obscurity, with a druggy, woozy flow and glitchy, noisy production from PC Music’s A.G. COOK. Accompanied by a self-directed music video set in a dystopian universe, in which Tommy states that “you can still be hot even when you are dancing on blades in a deserted zoo on Mars”, Cash showcases his journey into the realms of eccentricity more and more with each release, and with more to come in 2018, it’s only going to get weirder.