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Featuring: Lil Yachty, King Krule, Flying Lotus, Kota Banks, and more

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Weekly updates

Bars is Acclaim’s weekly wrap up of all the music we want you to get in on. Whether it’s new albums, mixtapes, tracks, or videos, we’re here wading through the noise to bring you only the finest happenings in the world of music.

01. Lil Yachty – Lil Boat 2


Finally, the long-awaited sequel to Lil Boat is here. This was shortly announced after Yachty’s Teenage Emotions album that dropped last year and since has had the depths of the SoundCloud sailing team rumbling in anticipation. Luckily, it doesn’t disappoint, providing the fans with 17 songs of 808 heavy, braggadocious trap anthems. I know Yachty is merely a ‘lil boat’, but this tape really sees him take flight.

02. Kwasi X Hnfr – Cabin Fever Vol. 1


Kwasi and HFNR have easily been one of the most prolific duos in the Australian hip-hop scene. With their new project Cabin Fever Vol.1 they explore a series of nocturnal sounds, using 808s, auto-tuned harmonies, and reverberated, melodic keys as a device to explore the druggy sounds of modern trap music. The definition of “cabin fever” relates to a sense of isolation indoors, but here Kwasi and HFNR aren’t confined by anything. This tape unleashes them to the prospect of ascension, all while they’re deep in the pockets of their craft.

03. Flying Lotus – Blade Runner Black Out 2022


Flying Lotus has unleashed seven new cuts from the Blade Runner Black Out 2022 soundtrack that he curated. The songs, much like the movie itself, are dystopian, melancholic, and at times downright scary. ‘Face Smasher’ features horror-filled keys backed by punching sub bass and scattering percussion, while ‘Silo Drive’ is minimal in the sense that it’s drumless, instead prioritising the layering of synths much like that of a digital orchestra. It’s been a while since Flylo dropped a standalone project but this new collection of songs showcases versatility while still maintaining his signature sound.


04. King Krule – 'Molten Jets' Live On The Moon


King Krule has shot right into space with the Molten Jets for a 30 minute live set on the moon. The short film presentation features Archy in a full astronaut suit, seamlessly playing through songs off his phenomenal 2017 album The Ooz. This isn’t your traditional live set, as it’s riddled with an abundance of stratospheric effects and a perfectly mixed live band that makes King Krule live on the moon truly out of this world.

05. Melii – ‘Icey’


Harlem’s Melii is making big waves in the ocean that is New York hip-hop—and she knows it. On her new song ‘Icey’, she boasts undeniable amounts of swagger. Over the somewhat lo-fi, bass-heavy trap beat, Melii separates herself and finds a lane of her own. If she keeps dropping cuts like ‘Icey’ it’s inevitable that she’s bound to shine.

06. Analog Valley – ‘Windexx ft. Savage The Girl’


‘Windexx’ is a lo-fi slow jam. It’s ridden with vintage keys and the murmuring of a jangly guitar as Savage The Girl showcases her sleek vocals. It’s another highlight of Melbourne’s rising soul scene, but with its druggy, minimalist aesthetic is completely unique. It’s catchy, creative, and we can’t wait to hear more.

07. Blackheart – 'The Vibrant Pink'


Blackheart has steadily continued to increase his notoriety in Melbourne’s buzzing music scene. Playing shows with acts such as HTMLflowers, his unique, trappy-go-lucky style has continued to gain popularity all throughout the country. With his new project The Vibrant Pink, the New York native’s hard work and individuality culminates. It’s futuristic, featuring flurries and flurries of synths that surround auto-tune drenched vocals. Taking inspiration from video games, anime, and the peculiarities of internet culture overall, Blackheart solidifies himself as a unique splash in the current wave of internet rap.

08. Kota Banks – 'Zoom'


‘Zoom’ sees Sydney’s rising popstar Kota Banks swoon over some Swick beats for a NLV Records dream team collab. It’s the follow up from another impressive track, ‘Holiday’, which debuted late last year and got everyone bumping through the summer. With tracks like these Kota and the NLV team have made themselves on of the hottest crews in the country.

09. Alison Wonderland – 'High ft. Trippie Redd'


Alison Wonderland has grabbed Trippie Redd to jump on a feature for her new single ‘High’. There’s a serious build to this one before it snaps off around the two minute mark. Keep an eye on the video around then to see a surprise animated twist that makes the whole piece. ‘High’ is just one sliver of what Alison Wonderland has shared off her forthcoming album AWAKE.