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Bars: all the music we’re listening to right now

Featuring: A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Carmouflage Rose, and more

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Weekly updates

Bars is Acclaim’s weekly wrap up of all the music we want you to get in on. Whether it’s new albums, mixtapes, tracks, or videos, we’re here wading through the noise to bring you only the finest happenings in the world of music.

01. A$AP Rocky – ‘Bad Company ft. Blocboy JB'


Rocky’s comeback has been far from ASAP. Apart from his contributions to the Mob, a flurry of features and a few SoundCloud exclusive demos, he’s been relatively silent on the music side for the last three years. However, ‘Bad Company’ is a glimmer of light in the tunnel leading to Rocky’s third album. Featuring rising Memphis marauder Blocboy Jb, ‘Bad Company’ is a lo-fi, incredibly sub heavy banger featuring Rocky’s signature flows laced with sparks of autotune. His undeniable swagger is on par with the high octane energy of Blocboy JB’s delivery and overall it makes for a mosh-ready anthem.

02. Carmouflage Rose – ‘Wildflowers’


Carmouflage Rose’s new single represents him as an artist. Like a flower his raps blossom, and as the beat ascends he goes absolutely wild. ‘Wildflowers’ features a driving, electro-esque beat with tribal percussion and grooving basslines. Carmouflage Rose raps and sings over this beat, upping the energy every bar. It’s this sort of individuality which makes him one of Brisbane’s biggest prodigies at the current moment and is taking him on a nationwide headlining tour in May. His name might be Carmouflage Rose, but he stands out with every song he releases.

03. Kwame – 'Endless Conversations'


Sydney’s Kwame brings endless energy on his new EP and its bound to get him in all the right conversation. This young emcee brings barrages on barrages of pure bar-smithery, backed by heavy, hard-hitting beats that accelerates the intensity to a maximum. A passionate delivery, a conscious attention to fury-filled songwriting and fire beats makes Kwame one of the most exciting rappers in Australia right now.

04. Arig – ‘Mama Said’


Arig’s new track ‘Mama Said’ is slow, menacing, and minimal, leaving room for her vocals that soar over the rumbling terrain of a bassline. It’s somewhat of a left-field song, but it’s one that is filled with emotion and passion. With Arig’s new EP Attrition slated to drop April 27, look out for more unique anthems soon.

05. Charlie Threads – ‘Forever and a Day’


Melbourne emcee Charlie Threads expands his sound on his new cut ‘Forever and a Day’. Charlie Threads ponders life in deep contemplation and introspection in the form of fiery triplet flows. With a new EP on the horizon expect Charlie Threads to rise like the sun.

06. Clairo – ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’


Online sensation Clairo has finally dropped an official video for her viral hit ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’. The clip ditches the Mac Photobooth based visuals of ‘Pretty Girl’ for a professionally filmed video of a party in a diner. The song itself remains unchanged, maintaining the lo-fi, minimalistic keys of the instrumental with Clairo’s distorted earworm vocals. It’s obscure, it’s dreamy, and it’s what makes Clairo so damn loveable.

07. Jessie Reyes – ‘Figures, A Reprise ft. Daniel Caesar'


Canadian songwriters Jessie Reyes and Daniel Caesar team up for a sleek new soul jam, ‘Figures. A Reprise’. The song is backed by simplistic keys and guitar, leaving plenty of space for Reyez and Caesar to showcase the lustrous vocals that helped them breakout. As their harmonies collide and intertwine in a dreamy melting pot it becomes clear that ‘Figures, A Reprise’ is the collaboration we’ve always needed.

08. 2 Chainz – 'PROUD ft. YG, Offset'


Yes, that is their real mums featured in the video.