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Weekly updates

Bars is Acclaim’s weekly wrap up of all the music we want you to get in on. Whether it’s new albums, mixtapes, tracks, or videos, we’re here wading through the noise to bring you only the finest happenings in the world of music.

01. Tyler the Creator – 'Okra'


Even the most humble of artists need to flex sometimes. ‘Okra’ is a standalone single that finds Tyler feeling himself over a smorgasbord of bass and keys. He switches flows repeatedly, and it results in one of his most hard-hitting tracks since the Bastard era. Flower Boy was easily one of the best albums of 2017, and it showcased a new, mature Tyler that we had yet to see in his tenure. ‘Okra’ however, proves that even though Odd Future is no more he’s still prepared to kill them all.

02. SZA – 'Broken Clocks'

SZA has unleashed the video for the undeniably banging ‘Broken Clocks’ from her album 2017 album CTRL. The video takes place at a summer camp and features amazing visual spectacles such as Schoolboy Q in overalls. Solana even takes a hand behind the camera on this one, teaming up with Dave Free and the Little Homies for a co-directing credit.

03. The Weeknd – 'My Dear Melancholy'


On the trail of heartbreak that My Dear Melancholy is, The Weeknd leads himself back into the house of balloons. In there, The Weeknd delves into the after effects of heartbreak and lost love in the bleakest, most nihilistic ways. On this gloomy journey, he brings producers such as Frank Dukes and Skrillex into new depths of darkness, as they step into a world of warped vocal samples, icy synths, and warm basslines. My Dear Melancholy is proof that the Starboy can still appear dim, and it is the descendant of Trilogy that we’ve all been waiting for.

04. Cardi B – ‘Be Careful’


Cardi B is on a mission to show you that she’s no one-trick pony. ‘Be Careful’ may still take form as your typical banger, but Cardi’s lyrics contain flourishes of introspection and vulnerability. She details biographical events that have gone on in her past relationships, and she delivers them in a way that showcases her strength and dedication. With her new album Invasion Of Privacy slated to drop this Friday and having just dropped the Petra Collins directed video for ‘Bartier Carti’, we hope to see conscious Cardi appear again.

05. EMP – ‘8 am'


Canadian trio EMP are continuing to make waves in the icy airwaves of the Toronto music scene, and ‘8 am’ seems to be a continuation of the inevitable splash into stardom. With acclaimed producer Eestbound on the decks, ‘8 am’ is a spacious, dense anthem that is bound to bang in the clubs.

06. Sophiegrophy – ‘Bag’


Melbourne-based rapper Sophiegrophy has been making waves for a while, and she definitely knows it. ‘Bag’ is a beautifully braggadocious anthem that shows confidence—with the bars to back it up. It’s bass heavy trap beat is the perfect sidekick for Sophie’s flurries of triplet flows and aggressive punchlines. The duality between lyricism and adrenaline on ‘Bag’ is just one of the many signs that Sophiegrophy is one of Australia’s most promising artists.

07. Rich The Kid – 'The World Is Yours'


Rich The Kid has been steadily grinding for years and this new album is exactly what will take him to the mainstream. Boasting huge features from people like Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Khalid, and Quavo, The World Is Yours is a hard-hitting collection that explores the art of flexing. The 808s are hard, the flows are catchy, and the charisma is in abundance. With songs like ‘New Freezer’ and ‘Plug Walk’ still climbing charts, expect this album to be a hit.


08. Quelle Chris & Jean Grae – 'Everything’s Fine'


New York wordsmiths Quelle Chris and Jean Grae have teamed up for the collaborative album we never knew we needed. Everything’s Fine combines the satirical, nihilistic tone of underground artists such as Open Mike Eagle and Milo, but culminates in the boastful swagger of New York hip-hop. At times it’s tongue in cheek, but it also makes the effort to be conscious and critical of the world today. In short, everything about Everything’s Fine, is a lot damn better than fine!