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I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the Beastie Boys hold a special place in my heart with much of my formative years spent rebelling with their music as the soundtrack. Obviously the people at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame feel the same way as Mike D, Ad Rock and MCA were inducted into it’s hallowed (and now a little less boring, with Guns & Roses and Red Hot Chilli Peppers also getting added) halls.

To help commemorate this moment in Beastie Boy history Mick Boogie has put together this tribute mixtape that features classics songs, live performances, remixes, demos and outtakes so even if you’re all to familiar with the trio’s catalogue of work there should be something here to prick up your ears.

As a side note Ricky Powell, tour photographer and often touted ‘fourth member’ of the band who managed to snap some of the most iconic photos of the group during their formative years will be in Melbourne this week as a part of CARBON Festival 2012 and will also be hosting a special slide night at Melbourne venue 1000£ Bend this Wednesday where he no doubt will be sharing some of his own Beastie Boy related tales.

Download – Beastie Boys & Mick Boogie – Grand Royal