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Beef up your ‘chill out’ playlist with these absolute tunes

Featuring Liana Bank$, Nasty Mars, Jamila Woods, and more

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Weekly updates

About a week ago Liana Bank$ dropped her new single ‘Off’ on SoundCloud and it definitely snapped up our attention, landing herself the top spot on our (heavily relied on) chill-out playlist. After getting her first taste of the limelight when she won an auction to be one of Chris Brown’s backup dancers, her taste for the music business thereafter spurned her to get her own beats out there.

“Off’ is the third track heating up her SoundCloud since she debuted. Of the song, the 25-year-old said “I’ve always found it alluring, the way we buy clothes to please the eye, and the eye in turn only wishes to remove them.” Have a listen below and you’ll probably find it hard not to get pulled in by those hazy vocals.

We’ve also pulled together a couple other fresh R&B/soul tracks to help bulk up your own playlist because we all know that sometimes, to get through the week, you kind of just need to drown all external sounds out.

01. LIANA BANK$ - Off

We suggest you also follow this track up with the others she currently has on her SoundCloud because really one Liana Bank$ song really isn’t enough.

02. saʉl maiava - lifeless forms

With a resume that features a mic in a 9 piece rap jazz band, this New Zealand artist reps a unique flow and sophisticated lyrics to match. This track, along with the other three on his SoundCloud, work well as a collective to make a pretty chilled out playlist in its own right.

03. OKENYO - 10 Feet Tall

One of the freshest faces to join Elefant Trunks, OKENYO puts her own twist on the soul genre as one of the emerging artists that we are definitely keeping our eyes on.

04. NASTY MARS - sundaynight

It’s not a secret that we are part of the wave falling in love with Nasty Mars, after his recent track with Baro basically stole all hearts. Bump his up SoundCloud for guaranteed good vibes.

05. Jamila Woods - Heavn

You might know her from Chance the Rapper’s ‘Sunday Candy,’ but you really should get to know Jamila Woods for her own work, which is just as impressive owing to those powerful vocal chords.

06. Ro James - XIX Permission

Considering he recently featured on Rolling Stone Magazine, now is a pretty good time to acquaint yourself with Ro James.

07. Sabrina Claudio - Music Confidently Lost

The 19-year-old has gone from covering songs on YouTube to releasing her own tracks and we have to say, we welcome the transition (even though her covers were pretty damn great).