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Weekly updates

As could probably be anticipated given the word murder is practically in his name, your pal Bobby B*tch caught a string of charges earlier this week relating to possible shootings and narcotics trafficking.

The ‘Hot N*gga’ rapper was arrested in New York early Wednesday morning at Quad Studios, the same studios in which Tupac survived a five-slug assassination attempt. Following Shmurda’s arrest, narcotics detectives recovered three firearms from his vehicle and reportedly collected another 16 from his associates.

Bobby is already nursing charges for drug use and possession. This latest arrest is the result of a long term surveillance operation and could well spell jail time for the young rapper who, according to his lyrics and an interview with Complex magazine, has been selling crack since age 10.

The arrest has already spawned its own hashtag: #freeshmurda¬†and tastefully barren dedicated account FreeBobbyShmurda. Rebut hashtags such as #shitloadofevidence or #openlyrappingaboutcommittingseriouscrime have not yet surfaced, probably due to Twitter’s 120 character limit.