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Weekly updates

News has just emerged online about an alleged shooting and arrest at a ScHoolboy Q concert, with fans at his show in Red Rocks, Denver breaking the news via Reddit and Twitter. While initial reports were a little alarmist, assuming that Q himself had been shot at, it now looks like the shooting just happened outside the venue, with the three victims being treated in hospital. Of course, there are few details on who they are and what condition they’re in besides that they’re alive.

More concerning is the chatter that Q had actually been arrested with this image of the rapper obviously being detained by law enforcement on Twitter.

A news report says police located the three victims nearby in a ‘considerably damaged’ white SUV that appeared to be a licensed limousine. 9 News also captured a couple more images of Q speaking to an officer (possibly with hands cuffed behind his back?), which seems to marry up with this image tweeted by local reporter James Dougherty.

A tweet from the local police department, however, confirms nobody was in custody, contrary to the many, many panicked social media posts lingering on the internet at the moment.

Obviously there has been no official word from ScHoolboy Q or anyone in his camp, with his last tweet coming a few hours ago from the actual concert with fellow performer, Nas. We’ll be keeping our eyes open on further developments.