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Chance The Rapper just created the most sought after internship

Do you have experience putting together decks?

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Chance The Rapper has been doing his part for the up-and-comers lately. At the beginning of this month, he put down $1 million for Chicago public schools. Funded through ticket sales from his spring tour, the money is going to arts and enrichment programs. Adding to that, his non-profit organisation SocialWorks will donate $10,000 to a specific Chicago public school for every $100,000 donated by a company in an effort to combat the $215 million deficit gap.

More recently, the Grammy award winning rapper surprised Chicago elementary by visiting their college and career fair and serving up a whole heap of inspo for the youngins.

Now, he’s targeting that sweet spot after you finish school and before you get a job: internships. Putting a call out on Twitter, Chance has his eyes out for those with mad marketing skills.

Within minutes, applications were popping and many even attached their resumes. He’s put an email address up, so get on it quick if you have those deck skills on lock.

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