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Childish Gambino helps his (actual) bro out on new track ‘No Hookahs’

Straight fire, courtesy of the Glover brothers

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When you’re in that ‘avoiding the world’ kind of mood, sometimes the only people who can bring you back to reality are those who understand you better than anyone else – a prime example being siblings. For Childish Gambino, who has been absent from the hip-hop scene this entire year, this recent drop to SoundCloud comes as a welcome return. In this case, his bro (as in actual brother) was the one to bring him back to us. Collaborating on the track ‘No Hookas’, Gambino joins Steve G. Lover III for a spot on his new mixtape Rich Black American. Presented by DJ Rhetorik, you can stream the project in its entirety below.

We know that Gambino is putting in work for his TV series Atlanta which is still in progress, so of course that’s been taking up most of his time. Still, we are glad to have a bit more Gambino back in our lives and this track is just what we needed. Spitting over Young Thug and Tyga’s single ‘Hookah’, the Glover brothers take on the tune sees to a comfortable flex from the very opening lines, as Gambino raps “white girls on me, you would think I was sellin’ it / black girl with me with a trunk like an elephant, took her to the suite and she gave me intelligent”. Check out the song below and stay tuned, as we hope that this return is only the beginning. Hopefully other artists take note and follow suit in joining Gambino and breaking their hiatus. Yep, looking at you, Frank Ocean.

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