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Clipp.art are touring all the DJs you need to know

After a sold-out DJ Boring tour, up next is DJ Seinfeld

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Clipp.art are keen to uphold their brand ethos of “Sounds Like A Good Time” in everything that they do. Whether that’s throwing parties, releasing music, or touring all of the DJs you need to know.

After their recent sold out tour with DJ Boring, they’re keeping up the pace and bringing DJ Seinfeld to Australia for the first time. Named one of the leading front-runners of the lo-fi house movement, DJ Seinfeld’s production qualities are a combination of synth pads, filtered kick drums, and old school beat-machine samples. As it goes with Seinfeld-fandom; an emotional downfall spurred a binge-watching session of the popular television series. As you do after binge-watching anything, DJ Seinfeld channelled his emotions and newfound inspiration into a musical project. With a vast collection of releases with labels like Lobster Theremin, Natural Sciences, and Endotherm, DJ Seinfeld is now heading Down Under for his first Australian tour. If you’re into DJ Boring, Mall Grab, or Ross from Friends then definitely head along to one of DJ Seinfeld’s shows.

Tours dates:

June 2nd: Sydney, Midnight Shift
June 3rd: Melbourne, The Gasometer
June 9th: Perth, Connections
June 10th: Hobart, The Grandpoobah (Dark Mofo)
June 11th: Geelong, Uno Danceclub

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  • Photography: Adrian Jung

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