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The Boiler Room and Calvin Klein have teamed up to bring you this mini-documentary which acts as a reflection on their recent set hosted in the Palm Springs. The No Vacancy Inn was home to the likes of Joey Bada$$, Taz Arnold, Acyde, Tremaine Emory and more for a couple of days. Between partying and kicking back by the pool, clearly the conversations got pretty intense.

The Boiler Room has long been known for the intimacy their events create, and teaming up with an intimates brand like Calvin Klein must have somewhat accentuated that.

The juxtaposition between the party scene and the intense dialogue makes for a pretty sweet clip, along with the combo of super hi-def and low-fi clips. This is probably the deepest conversation to have ever taken place at a pool party, and we’re not quite sure how it all happened as the clip doesn’t give a whole lot away. Then again, hanging out for “three days straight” with a decent amount of champagne can make for some pretty good reflections.

Check the video out and maybe you’ll get inspired to reflect on your own life, even if you’re not doing it by a poolside in Palm Springs.

Weekly updates