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Dizzy Fae’s Guide to the Minneapolis Music Scene

Celebrating the release of her newest EP ‘Antenna’, we caught up with the multidisciplinary artist to get her picks of the best music from her hometown.

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Classically trained to a high calibre, armoured in thrifted high fashion, and unapologetically fearless in every way. Minneapolis-born, Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, curator, and artist Dizzy Fae slips through the cracks between R&B, pop, alternative, and jazz and assumes form as an outlier. After amassing 6 million streams independently and receiving critical acclaim, Dizzy Fae has emerged as a proud queer Black voice that shatters preconceptions with her newest EP Antenna.

“I’m the most tapped into myself I’ve ever been,” Dizzy explains. “There are good things and hard things that come with that. I feel like there’s a new type of power I have though. I know exactly what I want, and I’m allowing myself to articulate it. In 2021, Dizzy Fae is going to get that shit.”

Despite having much to celebrate in her own right, we caught up with Dizzy to hear about some of the artists in her local community that we should have on our radar.

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01. Kim Tee

Self produces, she sings, and she’s a close homie of mine! She’s super cool. We have a song out called ‘Crazy World‘. That shit’s super cool too.

02. Miloe

An amazing young artist that is bringing together all of his life to his music and I respect that so much.

03. Dua Saleh

Their lyrics are wild! Writing game on 100! The vibe is mad cool too.

04. Gully Boys

Their music gives me a cute fucking mosh that I want to dive into head first.

05. Mcknnly

Self produces and writes. One of the best singers I’ve ever heard and on top of it all.. he’s my best friend.

06. Xina

Very sweet one. They also are so beautiful with pole dancing!! Their music is so soothing.