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PREMIERE: DoloRRes Releases a Visual for New Track ’D.T.R’ — a Dirtbike Love Story

The Melbourne artist returns with another cinematic visual and announces his debut EP ‘It’s All Happening Somewhere Else’.

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Likening his music to being trapped in a multicoloured ball pit, DoloRRes blends the worlds of hip-hop, experimental rock & electronica to create his unique whacked out sound & mind-bending visuals. Today, DoloRRes returns with a new visual for his latest track ‘D.T.R’ alongside the announcement that his debut EP, It’s All Happening Somewhere Else will drop on Wednesday 11 August.

Born in Rome, DoloRRes is based in Melbourne where he’s quickly become one to watch in the city’s bubbling hip-hop scene, bringing a unique style and working with artists such as Agung Mango and Muka Vhatti.

His new track ‘D.T.R’ (Defining The Relationship) “is about the conversation everyone eventually undergoes with their partner.” DoloRRes explains “This song is about someone trying to avoid having said conversation by any means necessary because they are scared that they might not be on the same page, or that they will cause hurt, but of course avoiding this confrontation makes things a lot worse. It’s also a song about toxic masculinity, with this dislikeable character who refuses to express how they feel.”

The music video was directed by longtime collaborator Renee Kypriotis, the director of most of his videos including previous singles ‘HEELYS’ and ‘Fluffy Dice’.  All of which, in cinematography and concept, have helped shape the colourful and free-spirited character that is DoloRRes.

Speaking on the video’s creation DoloRRes tells us: “I got my best friend and frequent collaborator Renee Kypriotis to direct and spearhead the project. We drew a lot of inspiration and references from the work of Wong Kar-Wai, specifically Chungking Express and Fallen Angels. Trying to use a lot of wide angles and nighttime and dawn settings. We shot most of it either in very late or very early hours to get sky looking just right, which meant getting up early as hell on multiple occasions for location scouting, in addition, because we shot on 16mm film we had to be very selective with locations as most places didn’t have enough light. And we had so much help from people, lending us cars, teddy bears from multiple people around the city, outfits as well as BMX riders who showed up in the middle of a park at 7 in the morning to shoot a scene. Two of which stacked it pretty badly during a test run so we couldn’t actually use them in the shot. Other than that it was an amazing experience as always. We get better with every shoot and even though we had a very low budget, we had so much help and support that it turned out insane, again as always. Enjoy!

DoloRRes’ upcoming EP It’s All Happening Somewhere Else is a 6-track compilation that defines the unique sound and imagination of DoloRRes and is set to release on August 11 with a headline show to follow in Melbourne at The Curtin on Saturday 21 AugustTickets available here.

Check out the video and behind the scenes photos from ‘D.T.R’ above and follow DoloRRes here for more.

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