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Don’t you dare forget that Rihanna is also an actor

Truly an icon that can do anything

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All of you RiRi fans out there (literally everyone) will be pleased to know that Valerian—featuring Rihanna in an acting role—came out last week. In the film about life on Earth in the 28th century, based on the ‘60s french comicbook Valerian et Laureline, Rihanna plays a shape shifting dancer named Bubble who helps save the world with her mates Cara DeLevingne and Ryan DeHaan. Her role as an ‘alien stripper’ is a total match made in heaven for Rihanna and her ever changing outfits and hairstyles, and because of that she does a fab job. She is a really good actor and dancer, in my honest opinion. The reason she is so good in Valerian is because at this point Rihanna is an experienced actor.

The Ocean’s Eleven spin-off film Ocean’s Eight is in production right now, and that features Rih Rih in one of the lead roles as Eight Ball: a gothic rastafarian ‘super babe’ with dreads. She has also featured in a number of other films before, in much smaller roles. But after seeing all the promo for Ocean’s Eight, and the ‘first look’ pic Rih Rih put out earlier this month: featuring her and the super famous all girl cast, in a NYC subway car, on the way to rob someone (or some place) during the Met Gala; it is my guess that Ocean’s Eight will be her biggest and best acting role to date…

So in lieu of Valerian’s release, and in anticipation of Ocean’s Eight, I put together a list of all the films that feature Rihanna, in order of most fav to most average. Now you have something to do between now and when that comes out in June next year…

01. Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)

Is it just me or did it totally slip everyone’s mind when Solange became super famous that she was one of the leads in Bring It On: All or Nothing? I definitely don’t remember noticing at the time. Anyway, the film also stars Rihanna and that Heroes star Hayden Panettiere; whose cheerleading squad versus Solange’s to win a spot dancing in a video clip with Rih. In the film Rihanna plays herself, announcing the comp, and then performing in a very nineties, movie themed video clip of Pon De Replay, at the end.. She chooses Solange’s team to be in her video, not Hayden Panettiere’s—obviously.

02. Battleship (2012)


GM2 Cora Raikes is Rihanna’s cameo role in this film—combat edition. In the 2012 thriller she gets about dressed only in Camo for pretty much the whole time, saying things like, “One day we would find them, or they would find us,” while standing over dead aliens, riding speed boats around, and holding big guns. This was technically her acting debut; a role she accepted because she wanted to do ‘something badass.’ And badass she was.

03. Annie (2014)

Rihanna makes a super short cameo in the 2014 rendition of Annie, as a moon goddess in a film within the film. Her look evokes the Umbrella video clip vibe with her sporting a pixie cut and gothic makeup, which is cool. And at the end of the scene she turns into a green eyed monster and explodes… She is only onscreen for about twenty seconds but she, of course, looks downright fab. Despite the whole idea of her, a brown woman, playing a magical Moon Goddess being kinda probbo.

04. Home (2015)

Rihanna’s biggest role before Valerian was actually as the voice for a character called Tip in Dreamworks flick, Home. She takes the role of an adorable eleven year old girl, whose mum is played by JLo, that escapes the invasion of an alien race and goes on the run. Though the film has been criticised for being a little predictable, the cuteness of it all—along with heaps of tunes by JLo and Rihanna—makes it definitely worth the watch.

05. This is the End (2013)


This cameo wins the prize for least fav because even though she does a great job at her cameo lines, most of her screen time involves Rih being low-key objectified by a bunch of dude’s at a party. I guess it is kinda appropriate for an americana-bro-comedy type film, which is definitely what it is, but at one point Michael Cera actually slaps Rih Rih on the ass. The film’s saving grace comes after that when she punches him and knocks him out after that.