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At his recent gig at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, Drizzy Drake dropped a little piece of lyrical genius during the show’s intermission.

Drake’s DJ played a snippet of the Hit-Boy produced track called ‘Trophies’ and word on the street is the track was supposed to be on current album Nothing Was The Same.

Drake confirmed the rumours recently, speaking out about the track, which he actually used on the NWTS trailer, while talking to Revolt he said “I wouldn’t even call it a leftover. It was definitely on the album. I know Hit-Boy‘s gunna see this and be like ‘pffft,’ it was definitely on the album.”

So what went wrong?

Drake explained: “I’m not a ‘just throw it together’ kinda guy. And I had two different hooks on there, I didn’t like either of them. I started sending it around and as great of a job as other people did, it didn’t sound right if I wasn’t on the hook. I always wanna do my own hooks for the sake of my performances. I don’t like being off a hook, ’cause then I can’t really give you a moment if someone else is doing the hook.”

Besides ‘Trophies’ Drizzy also revealed he has other unheard material in the cut, which we will also hopefully get to hear in the near future.

“I’ma drop Trophies though. I’ma finish it up and drop Trophies. We got some stuff we did for the Aaliyah album, that’s crazy. I got a record with YG, that’s crazy. The Wu-Tang Forever remix is sitting there just waiting…”. 

Expect a whole lot of new shit to drop soon.

Check out the snippet above and Drake talking with Revolt below.

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