Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

It is stastistically unlikely that anyone reading this post hasn’t been affected by in some way by depression. It is also highly likely, that your favourite band or DJ or rapper you’ve seen so far this year has been – or will be – brought to you by the touring company Astral People.

Where am I going with this?

In an effort to further the awareness of mental illness and its underlying effect on the community Astral People are throwing an unmissable party this Friday at GoodGod Small, whose proceeds will go 100% towards beyondblue. Having already raised $5000 towards mental health initiatives, if you live in Sydney or even if you’re just visiting, you should definitely head down this weekend for a donation, dance and drink (not a bad combination, really.)

Headlined by Mark Pritchard (Warp Records/Hyperdub) one half of Africa Hitech and one whole of Harmonic 313, whose sets, I can attest, turn any dance floor in to a frenzy, with his head-nodding techno classics like Wind It Up or latest bass-laden Dutty Bounce. 

He will be joined by locals that are giving back for all of the Bandcamp downloads you’ve no doubt paid for: mysterious techno project Tuff Sherm, Cliques, Templar Soundsystem, Preacha, Ben Fester and Compound DJs. Check the flyer below for more information or head to their Facebook event here.