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When we spoke to QT we asked if there were plans to create any more consumable products, to which the PC Music pop star responded:

“Yes. There may or may not be more in the mix…”

That mix has now brewed for long enough to be fit for public consumption and QT‘s “100% Super Natural” energy drink is here. The drink is explained on their website like this:

“DrinkQT is a 5-calorie, sugar-free, 250ml drink, manufactured to contribute to upward shine, vertical connectivity and personal growth.
DrinkQT is an energy elixir empowering consumers to supercharge their senses and elevate their consciousness.”

Their saccharine repurposing of the pop star formula for their own commentary was seen in the advert for the so-called ‘fictitious’ energy drink–that doubled as the music video for ‘Hey QT’– which came out recently. At the time it seemed that the PC Music cabal was merely flirting with the idea of blending commerce with art, but as of June 9, it may be a reality. For $20 you can order the drink as part of the ‘QT Care Package’, which comes with one limited edition DrinkQT, one custom greeting from QT, one special edition package, and one signed photo. However we looked at the fine-print and it appears that the actual product you get is subject to the same vagaries of QT enigma. The print states that the “Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website”. Hmm.

Even with that caveat, we urge you to throw money at this energy drink because c’mon, we could all benefit from even the slightest amount of personal growth and vertical connectivity.

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