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FYI: Biig Piig

The Irish-born artist opens a new chapter with her latest EP The Sky Is Bleeding.

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Intimate and introspective croon-Queen Biig Piig, aka Jess Smyth, returns to centre-stage today with the release of her highly anticipated EP The Sky Is Bleeding. Following in the same vein as her triad of EPS: Big Fan of the Sesh Vol.1, A World Without Snooze Vol.2 and No Place For Patience Vol.3, the release circles around her honed ability to tell a conceptual narrative, her whispered and identifiable voice exploring the subtle nuances of youth. In her own words, it’s an EP “about secrets; kind of written for myself, but putting them out into the world. No shame and guilt – it’s healing thinking it’ll be out there – it’s about sex and drugs and my experiences.” 

In her true nomadic style, having moved from Ireland to Spain to London as a kid, the young artist now finds herself in her temporary home of LA, resulting in exciting co-writes and a plethora of new music. What’s ensued feels like a new chapter for the artist. More mature and perhaps slightly lustful. ‘Lavender’, the introduction of the EP, is the first taste, her lyrics cooing, It’s his forté, on his knees/ Call it, foreplay, don’t know where I’d be without it. With it comes an accompanying David Lynch-esque music video that sees Smyth adorned in lingerie and leather, twirling seductively in dim-lit red rooms. 

With a tour aside Glass Animals on the horizon, the 23-year-old’s experimental and genre-bending music is undeniably set to gain more reach in the years to come, with The Sky Is Bleeding a significant and exciting step forward.

Follow Biig Piig here for more and stream her new EP The Sky Is Bleeding here.

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