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Weekly updates

G-Unit have apparently been pretty damn busy. Besides dropping unannounced six track EP The Beauty of Independence overnight on iTunes, they’ve also released two pretty lavish video clips for unrelated songs Come Up and Ahhh Shit.

Come Up’s your typical ‘started from the bottom’ group rap ornamented with big property, big booty and big chains. More interesting than that is part lyric video-part seizure trigger Ahhh Shit; an anti-cop anthem that, while undoubtedly catchy, feels more than a little like an attempt to cash in on a national tragedy. Hell, maybe G-Unit are actually passionate about the repercussions of police brutality but the synchronicity of the release stirs up more than a little cynicism.

G-Unit’s reformation came as a mild surprise in June this year where they went on to perform to a sold out New York crowd.

Check out the videos above and let us know what you think.

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