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PREMIERE: GLO Shines on ‘Transmute’

Sydney’s newest powerhouse is blending house, pop, soul and R&B on her debut solo release.

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GLO is a vocalist, songwriter and dancer based in Sydney who is blending an array of musical styles, ranging from R&B and Hip Hop to Jazz, Neo-Soul and House. Glo’s range of influences also branches into dance styles like GQOM, Vogue, Afrobeat and Dancehall.

After releasing her debut track ‘Self Love’ in 2019 alongside Saskia, Glo has arrived with her first solo single, ‘Transmute’, produced by Moses Macrae aka Scruffs and co-produced by dieyoungs. ‘Transmute’ is a journey built on cosmic punchlines, dreamy keys and catchy hooks, evoking Glo’s power in its softest form.

Glo says, “As person of the African diaspora, my personal journey in searching for spiritual knowledge to evoke internal change, growth and spiritual awakening is both a fulfilling endeavour and also a challenging one. Many of our teachings and spiritual practices across the continent have been destroyed and erased over centuries. My art and artistic approach is deeply rooted in expressing spiritually, sexuality, culture, connection to nature and to The Supreme. Transmute embodies the deities and archetypes that have influenced my journey and art.”

‘Transmute’ is a taste of what to expect from GLO with her debut EP set to release in 2021.

Follow GLO here for more and watch the video for Transmute above.

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