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Has your New Year, New Me mantra already started to slip? Haven’t hit the blog, running track, recording studio since January 1? Well, this piece should be a nice little pick-me-up and reminder that going hard at a fresh start can be a highly rewarding experience.

A year after giving up the ‘disappointment’ that was being a hip hop publicist – and submitting a brutally honest ‘resignation’ letter to Pigeons & PlanesSebastien Elkouby has returned with a follow-up letter filling us in on what he’s been up to this past 12 months. Now adding creative consultant, freelance writer and award-winning educator to his business card, Elkouby says “retiring from publicity was one of the best decisiongs I’ve ever made.”

Despite actually being offered many lucrative publicity opportunities upon announcing his retirement from the industry, Elkouby stuck to his guns and pursued his previous dreams of education and writing.

“No matter how much I had initially tried to distance myself from the music industry, my public confessions of a failed hip hop publicist had opened a brand new door, one I was now comfortable walking through. I had unknowingly yet seamlessly morphed into a self-styled creative consultant for hip hop artists and it was time for me to consciously accept this role. As a publicist, I hated having to cater to the whims of delusional artists or play pretend-nice with arrogant media heads jus because the client is paying.”

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