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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of MF DOOM and Madlib‘s celebrated Madvillainy release, Pitchfork writer Jeff Weiss has written a piece on the endlessly fascinating story behind its production.

Detailed and entertaining, Weiss eloquently weaves the “short” story on how a metal face villain managed to make Otis Jackson believe in hip-hop again.

“It became a scene straight out of a Bond movie. The longer Alapatt [Egon] distracted DOOM’s henchwoman, the more time it allowed Madlib and DOOM to escape into a different dimension—or, at the very least, smoke a blunt and bob their heads to beat tapes. If she discovered they were broke, the jig was up, DOOM would be on the next flight back to Georgia, and the universe we live in would be 73 percent less dastardly.”

Read the piece in full Pitchfork.

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