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I just watched teenage Brooklyn metal outfit Unlock the Truth wrap up a killer set, growling the line “be yourself, no one else should tell you what to believe” over and over with increasing anger to a crowd of disinterested looking 20-somethings sporting five panel caps and backpacks of varying colours.
“Thank you. We are Unlock the Truth. Now, I’m going to do a stage dive” lead singer Malcolm Brickhouse meekly announces before climbing over the stager perimeter and politely, almost embarrassedly plopping on top of the audience. Suddenly, everyone goes with the energy, cheering and vibing off the 14-year-old floating above their heads.
It’s one of the more heartwarming moments I’ve scene at a festival in years, and I wasn’t even there.

Bonnaroo 2015 is underway, sporting a killer lineup, and streaming live for your pleasure. If, like me, you’re anticipating at least one morning this weekend where you’re going to be groggily bumming about in bed for way longer than necessary, here’s your what-to-do in a handy package. Check the day-by-day lineup here and start streaming it on Red Bull TV right now. See you in the e-mosh.

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